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Real Estate in Rock Creek, Osoyoos, Midway, Westbridge, Greenwood, Bridesville, Oliver, Grand Forks, Christian Valley, Carmi, Beaverdell (Boundary Country & South Okanagan)

Sellers - We have buyers looking for the following property types...

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  • Country Homes - We have several buyers looking for that special country home in the local area, so that they can get out of the city.  And it could be your place.
  • Land & Lots & Waterfront - Currently we have quite a few buyers looking for large and small acerages. As well as properties with surface water (river or creek) in the Boundary Country & South Okanagan. 
  • Farms & Ranches - We are currently working with several families looking for the right ranch or farm to have horses, cows, hay or other crops. Thinking of selling? We have those families that are wanting to relocate.
  • Commercial & Businesses - We have several customers looking to open or start a business vest in Boundary Country. Do you have what they are looking for?
  • Condos, Townhomes, Houses in Town, Mobiles - We have buyers looking for condos, townhomes, mobiles and houses in many of the small towns in the local area. We need more people wanting to sell these properties.

If you have any of these Boundary Country & South Okanagan Real Estate property types to sell, Contact Us today at 250-446-2288 or 250-446-2663 to list your property. 

We just may have a buyer waiting for your property.

Information For Sellers

Lets increase your odds. The more showings you have at your home, the better your chances of selling it. Sure late in the day showings or last minute showings maybe inconvenient, but in the end if the people buy your house isn’t it worth it?

No major house cleaning. Just everyday tasks such as making the beds, vacuuming, doing the supper dishes, and general tidying up of loose papers should be your only concern now. Making your home neat and tidy is important for your showing.

A breath of fresh air. If the season permits, open the windows in the rooms, even for a few minutes, to clear out any stale air. It gives freshness to your home.

Keep a comfortable setting. It’s important to keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter. But not too cold, or too hot.

Show off your home. Turn all the lights on in all the rooms before the showing. This allows the people to get a good look at what they might want to buy no one should have to view a home in the dark.

Set a relaxing mood. The television can distract buyers from their purpose. Turn the TV off and play soft, quiet background music instead.

Remove counter clutter. People want to see the house, not personal effects, remove clutter from your counters to make it look more neat and organized.

Make it feel like it could be their home. Nothing beats the smells of fresh bread or baking in the oven, if you can, have something just made sitting on the counter. It gives people that warm comfortable homey feeling.

Don’t try to “sell” the house with words. Buying a home is an emotional choice. If your home is prepared it will sell itself, you don’t have to talk about it.

And most importantly leave your home during showings if possible. Many times perspective buyers will get uncomfortable when viewing a home when owners are present. They may rush through, without the giving the proper attention your home deserves. It becomes harder for the purchasers to picture it as ‘their’ home when the ‘present’ owners are around. If you don’t want to leave the property, you can always go and sit outside or even just go for a short walk, if you stay in the home, sitting quietly in a room and read a book is best.